Essay Group is a conglomerate of various business brands renowned in areas of  pharmaceutical distribution, medicare, petroleum and more, with its operations marked out exclusively for Kerala. Sunanda Associates, Sunanda enterprises, Tely drugs, Essay Medicare, Essay ventures, Kunhikanaran and sons are few of the popular brands established under Essay. The identity for this parent company was designed to depict a contemporary version of the letters 'S' and 'A'. This logo visually represents the phonetic part of the brand name as well as the original initials of the brand.

The colours red and blue used here symbolizes powerful, confident, corporate aspects of the brand, making the logo appear strong yet stylish. Contrasting well within each other, these colours balance effortlessly, drawing attention to the logo. Due to its adaptable character, this final identity can be used alongside different venture names while accenting the parent company at the same time.
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