Food Stop Diner

We designed the identity for FSD, a provider of fresh and delicious food with primary focus on quality and accessibility across various transit locations.
We drew inspiration from the branding of American-style diners, aiming for a bold and impactful design that would stand out in busy environments like airports and railway stations.
For the logotype, we used a wordmark, which can help to reinforce the brand name. A clearly depicted brand name in the logo is more likely to be remembered.
The bold fonts for the letters "FSD" were intentional, designed to catch the eye and be easily recognizable from a distance. This decision was rooted in the need for visibility and clarity, ensuring that the logo could effectively represent the brand across its diverse locations.
Incorporating the colour yellow into the logo was a strategic move to symbolise food and freshness. Yellow is often associated with warmth and energy, qualities that align with FSD's focus on providing inviting and hygienic dining experiences.
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