Grand, is a prominent retail chain spanning 78 outlets across the Middle East and India. They cater to the working class, particularly bachelors, by providing an exceptional shopping experience at affordable prices.

After 25 years, they wanted to rebrand their identity due to challenges faced by their current logo in adapting to signages and wayfinding systems. Their objective was to redesign the logo while maintaining its core elements, colours and design.
Focusing on refining the typography and icon, We selected a bold and legible typographic route with minimal negative space for improved adaptability across various mediums. Also, the sun icon's sharp edges were softened, and the wavy lines simplified, resulting in a more modern aesthetic.
Our collaboration extended beyond the logo. We conducted in-store study and created an implementation report outlining suggestions to enhance the customer experience within Grand's stores.
Through this collaborative effort, we successfully refined Grand's identity while retaining its legacy. The exercise and implantation significantly improved brand recognition and recall.
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