Crafting the logo for 'HED,' a talk show nested within Dr MK Muneer's "Unnathi", an initiative to human infrastructure development; a project to assist every student in identifying their skills, and their uniqueness was a journey steeped in the show's contagious enthusiasm for sharing knowledge.

To conceptualize this emblem, we began by deeply understanding the essence of 'HED' and its connection to Unnathi's overarching vision. Inspired by the show's unwavering dedication, we strategically integrated an infinity symbol into the logo, symbolizing the ceaseless commitment to fostering enlightening discussions among industry icons. The selection of a serene blue hue was intentional, as it embodies traits like inspiration and wisdom.

Through thoughtful iterations and design refinements, we ensured that the logo encapsulated the show's essence while evoking a sense of anticipation and intellectual stimulation.
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