Kannankandy E-Store

Brand identity for the e-commerce store of an existing home appliance store in Kerala. A logo design that incorporates visual elements that represent the brand's commitment to providing customers with a convenient and reliable online shopping experience for home appliances.
The logo is a combination mark, featuring both a symbol and a wordmark. The name "Kannankandy eStore" is written in a clear and legible font below the symbol. This ensures brand recognition and clarity. The letter "e" in "Kannankandy eStore" is cleverly designed to resemble a clock. The circular shape of the clock face symbolizes the 24/7 availability of Kannankandy eStore's purchase and sales support for customers. This visual element emphasizes the convenience and ease of shopping online at any time.
The logo utilizes the color purple. Purple is often associated with innovation, creativity, and luxury. Here the purple color signifies the brand's commitment to providing a cutting-edge online shopping experience for home appliances in Kerala.
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