Mujahid – 2022

While designing the identity logo for Mujahid's 10th conference held in Kozhikode, Yara conceptualised a logo that encapsulates the essence of the conference's resolution: "Fearlessness is religion, and pride is secularism."

The 10th state conference of Mujahid centred on educating the youth about a spectrum of critical issues, from superstitions to social challenges like drug addiction, terrorism, fascism, secularism, liberalism, and more. The aim was to enlighten and engage the younger generation on multifaceted topics encompassing culture, history, the environment, and solutions for various societal concerns.

The logo draws inspiration from the first letter of 'Mujahid' (the letter 'Ma' in Malayalam), serving as the foundation. It reflects the concept of a gateway to the world of secularism, inspired by Islamic arches and the solace imparted by mosques. The colour palette, mirroring the hues of the Ka'bah in holy Mecca, further reinforces the cultural significance and spiritual resonance of the conference.
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