Nice cream

Meticulously crafted identity, with reduced graphic elements, for a natural ice cream brand.

Long content: Many ice-cream stores, both big and small, are typically splattered with blinding colours and patterns. Nice Cream, a daughter brand of the popular food hub named Rahmath Hotel in Calicut, required a logo and theme that suits their character while immediately catching the attention of on route travellers.

Crafted with pure ingredients in the tastiest of methods, Nice Cream is an ice cream brand offering various flavours ranging from staple ones to the most inventive ones. Most of the ice cream brands known to the world have thick fonts and striking colours, hence for Nice Cream, the identity was designed to look simply bold. The icon encompassed with a curved wordmark represents a scoop of ice cream as well as a fruit tree implying that their ingredients are natural and fruity.

Majority of the competitor brands based in India has got a colour scheme of reds and whites, and for this brand to look distinguishable from the rest, choosing a unique colour scheme played an important role. Since black and white is a sophisticated colour, the general theme for Nice Cream was set in this tone. Thus, the black in white combination and less visual clutter makes the logo vivid and impressive. The simplicity of the iconography is in par with the essence of the brand, and exudes exactly what its products stand for.
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