Outlet Mall

Outlet, a shopping mall in Malappuram, is a haven for discerning shoppers. The logo is a thoughtful reflection of this philosophy. Drawing direct inspiration from the mall's architectural design, the logo establishes a sense of place and purpose.

The logomark is built from a geometrical pattern inspired by the architectural components. To complement the modern aesthetic, a minimal sans-serif typeface is used. This ensures clear and concise communication, allowing the logo to seamlessly integrate with the overall architectural vision.

We designed a colorful brand identity for Outlet that helps it stand out in the category. The vibrant color palette reflects the diverse experiences offered within Outlet's walls. The colours orange, blue, red, and green hint at the variety of shops and activities available.
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Olive Books

Kutiana, being a brand targeting children and young-age group, captures everything fun, enlightening and joyous. The identity for Kutiana consists of a logo symbolizing a baby elephant highlighting the meaning of the brand name along with a striking cheerful typography. The stand-alone icon can be well connected with children and is easily memorable leaving an impactful impression in the mind of the viewer.