Brand identity designed to be a striking visual tribute for a brand with a mission to revolutionise the concept of bookstores and paper products.

Papyrus is a venture with an intention to elevate the experience of bookstores to another level through their unique reading experience and paper product concepts. Conceptualizing pop-up bookstores, café imbibed book shopping experience, and more such innovative thoughts is what Papyrus envisions to work on. Interesting ideas like these need an equally impressive identity which will etch on to people’s, especially bookworms’, minds, calling out to them to check out this beautiful brand.

Moving along the same thoughts, the brand identity designed for Papyrus stemmed from the brand name itself. The icon created for the brand is a silhouette of a papyrus plant, a revolution for documentation taken from traditional reading and writing tools, structured specially so that it also resembles pages of an open book.

The unique green tint connects the identity to fresh ideas and versatility. When combined with the curved typography, the final icon and logotype amalgamates pleasantly presenting a novel effect.
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