Rise, nurtured by Sullamussalam Science College, Kerala's first arts and sciences college supported by the Kerala Startup Mission, promotes rural development and local involvement. From climate bots to healthcare solutions, these curated startups like Clime Bot Innovations, Medulla, Biodive, Draw, Inc.-Design Research Art Workshop, Teqnius, and Truz-A Triumph to Science are reshaping industries for a brighter future.

In designing the logo, the team opted for a font that had a truly futuristic appearance. The font choice was deliberate, intended to convey a sense of innovation and forward-thinking—a visual representation of the startup's vision and its brighter prospects in the future. The colour palette also mirrored this approach, incorporating vibrant hues that symbolises optimism, progress, and the exciting possibilities ahead. The fusion of futuristic typography and vibrant colours was chosen to reflect the startup's vision and its aspirations in the realm of tomorrow.

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