Road stars

Brand Identity for an Automotive Parts brand

The Road Star logo is a powerful combination mark, designed to convey a sense of progress and performance. It features a bold, confident typeface for the brand name "Road Star," immediately establishing a strong presence. This is then paired with a strategically placed up arrow icon.

The up arrow represents that Road Star parts are designed to help your car go further, perform better, and keep you on the road to adventure. The upward direction evokes a sense of continual growth and innovation, qualities that Road Star values highly.

The colours reinforces this message. The vibrant red used for the typeface exudes energy and passion, while the black of the up arrow provides a sense of stability and reliability. This combination perfectly captures the essence of the Road Star brand: Powerful parts that propel them forward with confidence.
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Kutiana, being a brand targeting children and young-age group, captures everything fun, enlightening and joyous. The identity for Kutiana consists of a logo symbolizing a baby elephant highlighting the meaning of the brand name along with a striking cheerful typography. The stand-alone icon can be well connected with children and is easily memorable leaving an impactful impression in the mind of the viewer.