Developed a branding identity and campaign for the transformative Unnathi Programme that would resonate with young minds and ignite their enthusiasm.

Dr. Muneer envisions Unnathi as more than just tests—it's about igniting determination and fostering growth. It provides an environment for aspirations to flourish through coaching, guidance, and a supportive community. Programs like Abhivridhi, Sukritham, Karuthu, and Sreshta aid farmers, healthcare, happiness, and students' success. Unnathi isn't just a program; it's a collective effort where communities rise together.

The Unnathi logo speaks volumes, merging a dartboard seamlessly with the Malayalam letter "ഉ," signifies striving for excellence. Its vibrant design reflects a youthful, optimistic spirit, capturing Unnathi's essence: forward-thinking, positive, and community-driven. It represents people uniting, volunteers sharing expertise, and a community supporting its future.
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