Marzo Milan

Beyond boundaries: Marzo Milan’s Journey to reach Global market

April 19, 2022


Marzo Milan is a clothing brand based in Kerala that manufactures and exports high quality fabric and garments for the global retail market. Their product category includes trunks, vests, briefs, boxer briefs and activewear.

Since the brand is a competitor in the global market, the requirement to position it as a brand that aligns with other international brands became a challenge for Yara while building the identity and media assets for Marzo. The unique icon “Star” was given as an important element in the identity and gave its first impression as an international brand. The star in Marzo indicated the star among the other players which was literally a symbol that challenged its competitors. In addition, Marzo defined dominance through its identity.

Another interesting approach done for Marzo was while framing its commercial advertisement. Since the brand was positioned as an international brand, it was highly necessary to not have a Kerala touch in any of its advertisements. However, Yara took this as a challenge and made a game changing move while approaching this brief.

The brief had to launch 7 to 8 products of Marzo and had budget constraints. So within boundaries, Yara was asked to deliver the results. For the location, Yara went with many options like Maldives and varkala but that didn’t suit the face of the brand. But, very soon the concern about the location got figured out when the team visited goa and found an underdeveloped beach named “Soluna”. It was a little known beach but a perfect choice to set the location for the commercial. Yara was also concerned about the model as it must align with the positioning of the brand. So for this purpose, the team was successful in finding a Brazil model to play in the commercial.

During post production, the team made the final output with great touch in selecting the song that aligned with the look and mood of the commercial.

Marzo is a great example of the approach that hits positioning dierently for a brand. The eorts and ideas were so intense and perfect, anyone could relate the brand to the popular brands that came under this category and being an agency, team Yara made exceptional contributions in building and framing an international brand in Kerala.

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