Kannankandy’s Onam success story

“Celebrating originality” : Kannankandy’s Onam success story

February 20, 2024

Kannankandy is a retail store in Kerala which has 21 showrooms and caters to the A to Z requirements of the customers when it comes to electronics and home appliances in Kerala. The main highlight of Kannankandy is the presence of leading brands, competitive prices, great service, plenty of discounts and offers and financial schemes that are available in their stores. The goodwill and trust of the customers is the biggest achievement that they take pride in.

During the Onam festive season, Kannankandy came up with a requirement to announce the Onam offers to customers through a commercial. They demanded the message to be direct from the advertisement and the characters should resonate well with the audience. In an overall context, the brand wanted conversion and drive sales. To fulfil this requirement, Yara took an approach by creating a colourful and saturated mood for the commercial.Since the target audience is general public, they wanted the main character to be someone that gathers audience attention to its best which was the main surprising element in the story. Onam is a joyful celebration of Kerala and Maveli is a fantasy dream of common people. Maveli is expected to come with a handful of gifts which is the main concept that worked well in the commercial. The other supporting character is an auto driver who depicts the general public and their lives. The character of the auto driver is detailed. He is characterised as someone who is talkative and concerned about the whereabouts of passengers. The scenario is a journey through Kerala gutter roads which depict the poor safety roads and something that reflects around everywhere in Kerala. Every detail that was given to the characters and scenarios are well portrayed and that made the whole commercial relatable to the target audience. In addition, the conversation of both characters involves mocking the fake Onam offers that spread around. This is not only to make people aware of the fake announcements during festive seasons, but also to place Kannankandy as a store that is trustworthy and provides the best quality original product. Thus, the campaign was named as “Original Onam offer”. During the climax, the passenger turns out to be the Maveli which is the ending twists, and establish Kannankandy as a go to store for availing best offers on Onam season. Apart from this commercial, a series of 11 short ads where done highlighting the products and offers, also run hoardings during the season in major remarkable destinations. This was an ideal 360 degree campaign that was created during Onam season and was highly successful in accomplishing the goal of the client. Yara was successful in creating the campaign with ideal resources. in conclusion, the brief of the client is the best guide for any work. Yara doesn’t follow any specific style, but strictly follows the requirements of the client and the expectations of the target market while creating an output. This has been the factor that makes it the success of all time and keeps going as one of the best agencies in Kerala when it comes to branding and advertising.


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