Same legacy, better experience: Grand’s rebranding journey

March 25, 2024

Established in 1998, Grand is a leading retail chain with 78 outlets across the Middle East and India. They cater to the working class, especially for bachelors offering the best shopping experience at convenient prices. After 25 years, Grand recognized the need for rebranding as their current logo faced challenges in adapting to signages and wayfinding systems. They approached Yara to redesign the identity, maintaining its key elements, colours and design of the logo. They just wanted some minor adjustments to make the logo more attractive and adaptable. In addition, they wanted to create brand guidelines that will reflect the core values of the brand. So we did a cleanup for the icon and the typography of the logo. We used a bold and legible typographic route, with minimal negative space within the logo. Also, the sun element in the icon was softened and rectified to create a balanced appearance. Finally we simplified the wavy line on the icon. These adjustments enhanced the logo’s adaptability on various mediums. Additionally, we created brand collaterals and brand guidelines. We also conducted an in-store study and created an implementation report with suggestions to enhance the customer experience. Through this collaborative effort, team Yara successfully fulfilled the expectations of the client. We refined the identity while retaining its legacy. Furthermore, the brand guidelines and other recommendations pave the way for Grand’s continued growth and success in the years to come.

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