Abeer Group is a leading healthcare provider known for its established clinics and hospitals throughout Kerala and the GCC countries. Their dedication to patient care is reflected in their logo design.

The Abeer logo is a prime example of the power of minimalism. It's a simple yet memorable design that utilizes a single letter – a stylized "A" with a wave flowing across it. The wave symbolises healing, care and growth. The logo is a redesign of an earlier version, keeping the core concept of the initial design while making it more modern and easier for people to remember.

The chosen colour, green, reinforces the overall message. Green is universally associated with health and well-being, perfectly aligning with Abeer Group's mission. In short, the Abeer logo is a clean design that effectively communicates the essence of a hospital and its commitment to patient care.
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Kutiana, being a brand targeting children and young-age group, captures everything fun, enlightening and joyous. The identity for Kutiana consists of a logo symbolizing a baby elephant highlighting the meaning of the brand name along with a striking cheerful typography. The stand-alone icon can be well connected with children and is easily memorable leaving an impactful impression in the mind of the viewer.