One of the largest educational hypermarket in town and how we got to do it’s identity design; A Design Journey Rooted in Learning and Innovation! We delved into the brand's ethos, exploring the interplay of books, stationery, and the vibrant realm of education.

Our process involved extensive brainstorming sessions to encapsulate the essence of Edumart's vision. We focused on creating a logo that not only symbolized the repository of knowledge but also resonated with the audience as a trustworthy resource for all their learning needs. The design journey involved iterations, where we meticulously fine-tuned every aspect to ensure the emblem embodied the brand's core values of accessibility, expertise, and innovation.

The final logo emerged as a fusion of creativity and purpose, representing Edumart as an inclusive space that encourages learning and growth. We were stoked to craft Edumart's logo – a go-to spot for books, stationery, and whatnot

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