Marzo Milan

Brand identity design for a fashionable apparel and innerwear brand.

Marzo Milan is a quality assured apparel and innerwear brand merging comfort to confidence through their top-notch products designed in Italy. Using the latest technology, the brand is a trove of everything stylish made not just for wearing but to create an elevating experience out of it.

Considering the premium level garments and the process behind it, Marzo Milan’s identity was designed to match the class exuded by the brand. Since the identity will be used in multiple media in varying dimensions, a clean sans serif typography was created in a classic black and white colour combination. A star enclosed shield icon displays the brand’s attitude of encouraging the wearer to be bold within themselves. This iconographic part of the brand identity can be used independently and will still be remarkably associated with the brand due to its prominence. Impeccable in look, this identity is versatile and timeless with its minimal style.
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