TBC – Car Rally

Event logo and creatives for The Great Rally Championship organized by The Business Club.

Buckle up for a different kind of car rally. Unlike events focused solely on speed, this innovative rally, organized by a group of young Malabar entrepreneurs, The Business Club, prioritizes a vital message: road safety and the dangers of drugs.

The rally roared to life on March 2nd, 2024, at 8:30 AM. The flag-off ceremony near Kozhikode Beach boasted the esteemed Deputy Mayor of Calicut, SHri. C.P. Muzaffar Ahmed, and Shri. KB. Ganesh Kumar, Kozhikode RTO, as the Chief Guest. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors, Brideway Motors, MyG Future, Future Forex, and Olive Restaurant, for their support in making this impactful initiative a reality.

We were thrilled to be the event's creative partner and played a key role in bringing the message to life. From designing a sleek and dynamic typography logo to crafting engaging social media content, we helped spread awareness about safe driving and healthy living.
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